How To Get More Followers On Instagram

How to Get More Instagram Followers

There are several reasons you may want to increase your number of Instagram followers, and there are even more ways to do so. Whether you’re growing your business, showcasing your art, or raising awareness for a special cause, this guide will get you the most followers every time.


Bring Your Hashtag A-Game

First, find a creative way to incorporate a hashtag in your caption, or to punctuate the caption. One fun thing to do is use emojis to brighten up your caption and hashtags. Most importantly, use a lot of them! There’s no character limit, so type in different keywords and see what Instagram suggests; pick the tags with the highest number of hits.


Harness the Crowd

There are a few different ways you can maximize the power of your hashtags. If you have a brand name or other identifying hashtag, promote it on all your other socials, even in comments and replies. Also remember to participate in recurring theme days, like #FollowFriday and #ThrowbackThursday. This guarantees steady, massive traffic on your posts.



Engaging with other users is a more time-consuming, but important, way of growing your profile. Search Instagram for the hashtags you use the most, and start liking and commenting away! How often do you get a like or comment and check out that person’s profile? Remember it works both ways, and the extra effort is totally worth it!


Follower Services

If all else fails – or you just have better things to do! – there are services available, many for free, that guarantee you literally thousands of followers, sometimes overnight. While you should be careful to avoid scams, many of these services are legitimate and risk-free.



Now that you know all the pro secrets, you’re ready to take the Internet by storm! Click on how to get more followers on instagram for more details.